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How PCN AI will change the game

Semiconductors, also known as integrated circuits or chips, are recognized as the world’s most critical technology. They enable everything and are essential to our daily lives, from communications to health care and transportation.

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PCN AI: A Way for Distributors to Engage Customers and Build Trust

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, the opportunities for distributors to create differentiating value with customers through smart software were easier to find. Now the landscape is cluttered with heavy commercial best practice software and heavy methodologies. Areas of differentiation are more rare, but they still exist. 

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There is good news here. Companies can achieve the type of execution witnessed 40 years ago

Re-Think Time-to-Value

Picture this scenario, It’s a late Friday afternoon and the boss calls a meeting to say that the price of gold is sky-rocketing. He needs a precious metal adder in the inventory system by next week to increase the margins on sales. Monday morning, the change is tested; by Tuesday, it’s implemented.

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