We write and operate Microsoft cloud based software to make companies more productive.

Software Built to Increase the Productivity of Your Business

Software enabled productivity improvements remain the fastest and most cost effective way to increase the value of your business.





T2V Productivity-PaaS

"All In" Microsoft Cloud


SaaS for payers and payees of product based sales channel rebates.

Optimizing the claims and payments process across multiple industries.

Over $60,000,000 of rebates processed annually.

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Wafer Data Fab

SaaS increasing the productivity of design and product engineers.

Big data intake of multiple data types, embedded analytics and flexible content delivery to popular desktop analytic tools.

Free up valuable engineering resources to focus on analysis as opposed to data management.

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SaaS customized to enable specific productivity improvements based on the today's needs of your business.

Delivered rapidly. Co-exists with existing investments in systems and infrastructure.

Built, continuously improved and operated by us. Fixed monthly cost. No long term contracts.

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