Net Rebate as a service

We are not the biggest suit out there but we are the best solution.

More than $60,000,000 USD of rebates processed annually.

A Suppliers Guide to

Auditing Sales Channel
Product Rebates


We have provided sales channel rebate programs flowing through deal registration, quoting/special pricing authorization, quote to order conversion and the claims process. Although we can support an end-to-end solution we focus on claim through payment and disputed claims resolution.

Our solution is designed to integrate and drive the non-value added administrative costs out of the process.

NetRebate For Vendors

  • Automatically matches claims, POS and authorizations
  • Customizable business rules claim validation
  • Part number and customer cross referencing
  • Workflow for exception handling and internal claim approvals
  • Claims portal for channel partners submission and rejection/billback resolution
  • Automated partner claims audit
  • Channel partner inventory reconciliation

NetRebate For Channel partners

  • Automatically prepare claims from POS and authorizations
  • Part number and customer cross referencing
  • Customizable business rules for claim submission, ie. partials .. shipped complete
  • Pending claims management
  • Submit claims in customizable vendor formats
  • BOM/Bundle part processing
  • Response to request for claim/credit note processing
  • Rejected claims/billback tracking