Software and services eliminating non-value added costs for companies at the product development and introduction stages of the product life cycle.

Accelerate new product introduction.

You Cannot Change The Number of Hours in A Day. You Can Change How You Use Them.

Creating an efficient pipeline from idea to production keeps the best minds engaged and builds long-term stakeholder value.

T2VSoft AT2V provides a wide breadth of functional modules and terms of engagement that are taylored to meet a customers specific needs.
We combine flexible deployment options and a team with over 10 years of Agile development experience to have the first release up and running in under 4 weeks.
We operate all of our solutions to ensure the highest levels of performance and availability. It's our way of making sure we have skin in the game.

AT2V Capabilities.

Document Management.

Control critical documents with versioning, approval processes and internal/external managment of the docuement distribution.

Design of Experiment

Wafer Data Fab (WDF)


- lot tracking
- external fab MES integration
- lot shipping and receiving

Product and Test Engineering (Wafer Data Fab)

- experiemental data analysis for test logs
- cloud based batch processing of electrical test logs

- summization and analysis
- visualizations

- cube generaton for 3rd party analytical software (Spotfire)

Solution Inv Mgmt

- Customer management
- Inventory management
- Order Processing
- Intercompany transfers
- Customer Shipments

Continuous Manufacturing MES

Recipe Management

- products
- operations
- recipes
- routings

Manufacturing Dashboard
Quality Dashboard

Coat Track Management

- tool and location management
- solution inventory management
- work order management
- Sorter integration
- ACT 8/12 GEM/SEC integration
- qual/test wafer management