Software Built to Increase the Productivity of Your Business

Software enabled productivity improvements remain the fastest and most cost effective way to increase the value of your business.

You know your business and we know how to deliver software. Combining your ideas to increase productivity and our ability to implement software will iteratively, increase the value of your business.

Our transparent and simple pricing model also increases the productivity of the capital you invest in your business.

Build it versus buy it.

We believe is building solutions to that address specific and immediate business needs. We are an optimal partner for companies that share that belief.

T2VSoft uses our Productivity Platform as a Service our expertise in productivity and the customers knowledge of their business, to tailor a solution that delivers immediate value.

Do it internally versus do it externally.

We believe you should do it internally if you have the time, infrastructure and skills. We are an optimal partner for companies that want the solution rapidly and cannot get it done internally.

T2VSoft delivers the solution and provides flexible options for you to bring it in-house. We prefer to be there for customers when they need us as opposed to locking them into long term contracts with no roadmap to self-reliance.

Use it and improve it versus grin and bear it.

We believe the processes need to be continuously improved based on acquired knowledge and changing business requirements. That is the approach we take from day one and we anticipate and encourage changes.

Included in the monthly operating costs are weekly releases to production of improvements prioritized by the customer. We empower our customers to iteratively optimize their processes.

No surprises implementation and operating costs.

We prefer projects where we have domain knowledge and customers who can define the 20% of the functionality that will deliver 80% of the value. This allows us to focus on the essentials and enables us to fix bid projects and monthly operating costs. We assume the risk for any additional effort required.

Use Microsoft Azure as Opposed to Investing Capital in IT Infrastructure.

If you have the infrastructure use it. We are an optimal partner for companies that do not and understand the benefits of the "cloud".

Building the initial version of the solution is actually only the beginning. Operating and continuously improving is key to long term value generation.

T2VSoft operates the solution for you using the latest of cloud technologies on an infrastructure that will never be an obstacle to your growth and comes with no costly upfront capital investment.

Microsoft Azure based.

IT infrastructure should never be an obstacle to execution. We build our applications for Microsoft Azure. Our software running on MS Azure allows our customers to rapidly scale up and down globally to meet the requirements of their businesses. We leverage the elasticity of the cloud and design our software to use infrastructure on demand.

Getting Started.

Simple. Send us an with a paragraph or two with a description of what you want to do and we'll set up a short call to discuss it. If there is a potential fit we will send you a statement of work. It should take no more than an hour of your time.