About Us

At T2VSoft we provide software solutions that can transform your business in weeks versus months or years.

Our Story

T2VSoft is a business application cloud software company focused on what we do best to improve global business productivity. Our radical approach delivers unheard of value to businesses who believe productivity is key to profitability. We look for businesses with a specific need for one of our two products and a desire to increase productivity rapidly, or businesses who understand which process to focus on to increase productivity. We adapt to our customers specific needs to rapidly increase productivity to deliver value.

Founder, President & CEO - Brad Hudon

Brad is our chief product architect and leads every project.

Brad has over 70,000 hours of experience delivering business applications globally, across all nodes of the Hi-Tech supply chain.

In 2008 Brad founded T2VSoft. He has accrued 14,000 hours delivering software enabled productivity improvements to companies from startups to private and public multi-nationals with billions in global revenues.

2004 to 2008 Brad accrued another 8,000 hours of practice as CIO for a public company, semi-conductor manufacturer Sipex Corporation in Silicon Valley. He transformed IT from a cost center where all business applications had been purchased off the shelf with little impact on revenue, to a position of enabler for key operational and regulatory improvements.

From 1982 to 2004 he accrued over 45,000 hours of practice with a distributor in Future Electronics in Montreal, QC, Canada. Brad played a key role in using custom developed technology to play a strategic role in taking the company from a few hundred million in revenues to a few billion in revenues. Brad was using Agile methodologies before they were given a name. It was simply, we need a solution by Monday, get it done!

Our Amazing Team

Our approach is to not just provide consulting on how to improve productivity but back it with a mature team of IT professionals who can actually deliver the solution at a predictable, low and fixed cost. We know what needs to be done and how to do it.